D&G in milan

wowza! i’m telling you, d&g’s spring 2009 milan ready-to-wear show was simply amazing. but really, the showstopper came, as all good ones do, at the end of the show: mr. dolce and mr. gabbana gave a full vent when they replaced their traditional finale of over-the-top ballgowns with a runway thronged with corset-donning girls.

much to the pleasure of the audience, they also decided to remove the runway and flood the dark space in which they were showing with light. this move rejuvinated the atmosphere of their bright presentations of the nineties. the garments also shared this feel: mannish tailoring, curvy latin lingerie, see-through lace, café-curtain macramé dresses, and rose-patterned chintzes that were first put through their paces by the likes of Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell, decorated the collection. this time, though, the pieces are aimed at a younger generation with a fresher take on style. over all, the gorgeous collection was a crowd pleaser, and extremely successful.


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