craazy sales

so… now that thanksgiving is done, we officially have to start thinking about christmas, hannukah, kwanza, solstice, etc, but not before blowing all that money we had saved for presents on clothes! yay black friday!

today i joined ALOT of people in taking advantage of all the crazy sales that mostly started on wednesday, and mostly end today. my #1 destination? none other than the ultimate beacon of innovation on classic pieces( aka LOVE), gap. love it love it love it. besides the b.o.g.o free sweater sale, almost everything was an extra 40% off. usually i save my money for gap for the extensive sale racks, where i indulge in $4 tee shirts that don’t really fit. but today, i marched in bravely, detirmined to spend money on what i really wanted and needed; not just what has the right price tag. in isaac mizrahi’s “how to have style”, which i was lucky enough to get as a present last christmas(perfect present for the style aware or ignorant, FYI), there is a chapter for people like me, who go straight to the sale rack and settle based on price, not fit. basically, he urged us to buy the classics; to invest. so, as i strutted into gap, wallet in hand, i knew what i was after:

  • the ultimate flare jeans ( think jackie burkhardt from that 70s show)
  • the perfect short wool peacoat
  • a few cozy sweaters to get me through the winter

and that is exactly what i left with. i spent way more than i would usually be comfortable with, but i was okay with it, because i knew they would all last me. i am very, very proud of myself.

i then proceeded to victoria’s secret, where i found the ideal plaid flannel shirt. yummm.

i usually stay home on black friday, due to the myths of insane crowds. or i shop online. but i went shopping in town, instead of going to the big department stores, where i’m sure there wasn’t nearly as good an experience as i was lucky to recieve.

my gawjus peacoat: