all the leaves are brown…

(lacoste turtleneck, lucky brand necklace, bailey 44 dress, lucky brand boots)

i hate winter. alot. so basically i try my best to be cute and warm at the same time. this is the result.

note: the turtleneck is striped light and dark green you just can’t tell in the picture


found out about them from a friend…

MARS ARGO = lovelovelove

i can’t get enough of them. on their myspace, they say, “we play dreamy indie pop for people who like music.” AHH! so great. they are extremely inspirational and great to nap to. love it love it love it.

ever since sweeney todd…

i saw sweeney todd over the summer at njpac, and ever since i have been quite obsessed with victorian granny boots! i have tried to find the perfect pair on ebay and such. all attempts have been unsuccessful. however, i found these on nine west and i think they might be worth the investment:

Elation, Ships 1/12

nine west, $198

other movie fetishes: just saw nine last weekend. love love LOVE! bad reviews but really a fabulous movie.