all the leaves are brown…

(lacoste turtleneck, lucky brand necklace, bailey 44 dress, lucky brand boots)

i hate winter. alot. so basically i try my best to be cute and warm at the same time. this is the result.

note: the turtleneck is striped light and dark green you just can’t tell in the picture


ever since sweeney todd…

i saw sweeney todd over the summer at njpac, and ever since i have been quite obsessed with victorian granny boots! i have tried to find the perfect pair on ebay and such. all attempts have been unsuccessful. however, i found these on nine west and i think they might be worth the investment:

Elation, Ships 1/12

nine west, $198

other movie fetishes: just saw nine last weekend. love love LOVE! bad reviews but really a fabulous movie.