i’m in kansas! (or so it feels…)

as of right now i am in what feels like the middle of nowhere.. so much so that my dad actually let georgia drive for ten or so minutes(FRIGHTENING she should not be let behind the wheel of a car), during which she managed not to crash the car.

anyway i was limited to one suitcase because it is, after all, just a two night trip. i brought my two relatively new gap “made with cashmere” sweaters which are yummy and warm, three pairs of jeans(i have only worn one pair), my dutiful flannel plaid shirt, a  few t-shirts, my favorite scarves and gloves and vest, and of course sweatpants sweatpants sweatpants! on the way up i wore a striped white and purple tee under my plaid shirt under my somewhat striped vest. in georgia’s words, “you’ve got alot of patterns going on… i like it.” on valentines day the theme continued with my striped sweater, my floral scarf, and vest, all of which were pink. i pride myself in saying that i have somewhat mastered the art of combining patterns. i think its a good thing if you know how to do it without looking like a 90s burnout.

sarah and i distributed the february issue on friday… it was late, as usual. however we got some very good feedback. my journalism teacher managed to find a typo… grrr. i have to make some minor changes before printing a final for my portfolio.

everywhere i look i’m seeing the oscar nominations. i think the best picture dilemma is insane. they should have done five like every year. of course i am even more bitter about this because they didn’t include Nine in the ten films they nominated (… oh irony). however penelope cruz’s fabulous performance WAS nominated, so i am glad about that and rooting for her endlessly.

the fam and i watched Up last night which was fabulous. i loved it. those of you who ask, “how good can an animated film be?”, i have the answer: MARVELOUS.

btw i just uncovered my love for marchesa.

i want to express my never ending adoration for marc jacobs with this picture from his s/s 2010 collection:

i want this dress in my closet, PRONTO! i’ll be watching the a/w ’10 show online tonight at live.marcjacobs.com



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