it’s not my party but i’ll cry if i have to


(shoes from Target, shorts from YMI, top & tank from Wet Seal)

on saturday i went to bff sarah’s birthday party… no crying involved but whenever i go a birthday party the 80s anthem we all know and love goes on loop in my head. anyway we got awesome goody bags including, but not limited to, bouncy balls with sparkles in them, those finger-trapper-things, a key chain, and lots of candy. i felt like a little kid again because the whole time i was looking forward to the goody bags. they did not disappoint.

i found this random camera strap while i was taking pictures and decided to wear it as a headband because my camera is a point-and-shoot and not nearly as fancy as the camera for which the strap was intended.

also i took a few shots of the collage and monoprint i made at this arts festival we went to for jazz band on friday… it was awesome. for the monoprint i used black and red NOT because i was depressed but because they were the only colors left (i went during the last five minutes of the workshop). the collage was from a workshop that became tradition of three years with aformentioned bff sarah.


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