dr. grey

Ellen Pompeo in Lanvin

did you know that grey’s anatomy is on lifetime for three hours every day?

neither did i.

now, i’m completely obsessed. with ellen pompeo, with her character, with her adorable baby, with her clothes, and with all her co-stars. this dress is fabulous, and i can’t wait to see more red carpet from her when grey’s comes back in the fall!


eclipse premiere

Thursday the 24th was the premiere of the 3rd Twilight Saga movie… before I continue about the clothes, did anyone else notice a decline in hype surrounding the premiere? Maybe it’s because it’s summer, but I didn’t really hear anything about it except the occasional tv commercial.

Moving on. First of all, Dakota Fanning, who has always been a favorite of mine, looked stunning once again:

However, Ashley Greene… poor thing. She’s really quite gorgeous, but this dress looks like a bad homemade Grecian goddess costume. I can’t take it seriously. It’s too long, has no shape, and honestly, the color is just drab. She needs a stylist, now. well… I’m not really sure if she has one, but if she does they need to be fired and traded for someone a little smarter. She’s too pretty to be wearing dresses like this.

What did you think of the 3rd movie’s style?


July 2010 was a phenomenal issue for W, a magazine that I now realize I do not invest nearly enough time in. so from now on… I will subscribe and faithfully read W. From what I’ve seen so far from this issue (I have yet to buy a print copy), these are some of my favorite photographs.

This shot features dresses from Miu Miu’s A/W 2010  collection, which I absolutely LOVED.

Eva Mendes

A shot from Eva Mendes’ feature…

Eva Mendes

… and her ROCKIN’ cover! Note to all magazines… this is how you reel in the readers. STUNNING.

photos from www.wmagazine.com

(One last thing… they really played up the Miu Miu in this issue, didn’t they? Not that I’m complaining!)


today is my last day in boston.

yesterday we did some pretty intense vintage shopping.

i got quite lucky and bought quite alot of amazing clothes.

i will post them in a day or two.

of course, taylor swift was in town last night.

i did not see the concert, but i heard it was amazing.

wish i was there.. it was the LAST NIGHT of the fearless tour.

also, i saw (500) days of summer last night.

loved it. loved him. hated her.

and that’s saying something, because i LOVE zooey deschanel.

i just really, REALLY hated her character.


boston is the coolest city ever.. i wanna come back, and i haven’t even left yet.