eclipse premiere

Thursday the 24th was the premiere of the 3rd Twilight Saga movie… before I continue about the clothes, did anyone else notice a decline in hype surrounding the premiere? Maybe it’s because it’s summer, but I didn’t really hear anything about it except the occasional tv commercial.

Moving on. First of all, Dakota Fanning, who has always been a favorite of mine, looked stunning once again:

However, Ashley Greene… poor thing. She’s really quite gorgeous, but this dress looks like a bad homemade Grecian goddess costume. I can’t take it seriously. It’s too long, has no shape, and honestly, the color is just drab. She needs a stylist, now. well… I’m not really sure if she has one, but if she does they need to be fired and traded for someone a little smarter. She’s too pretty to be wearing dresses like this.

What did you think of the 3rd movie’s style?

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