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shopping diets… good or bad idea?

Yesterday I was reading Thursday Styles, and read a very interesting article about “shopping diets”. The Great American Apparel Diet is one in which you don’t shop for a year (crazy, right?). The other diet featured is called Six Items or Less, which is when you wear only six items for a whole MONTH. Scary as it sounds, people say that even their spouses and best friends don’t notice! I’m seriously contemplating participating in the six items one… if I do, I think I’ll choose a blazer, a white v-neck, a blue button-down, a black skirt, black pants, and jeans.

What do you think? Would you dare go on a shopping diet?!

… it has been too long.

I am sosososososososo sorry about the lack of postage. My classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology have been taking up ALL my time. I know that’s an awful excuse but it’s true.

Back to fashion. Here’s Vanessa Hudgens looking suprisingly fashion forward and adorable.

More later! xoxox

should i submit?!

i just found out about this contest… a film about fashion, style and/or beauty… i would only have 10 days to do it, but what an oppurtunity! but would i have time? between my FIT classes starting on monday and everything.. ah, what will i do?