so ’90s it hurts

I know, I know– an outfit post?! MADNESS! I’m really bad at keeping up with these but I promise I’ll try harder.

Anyway, this is what I wore today. This sweater is crazy amazing/warm and I love it. It was $4, believe it or not, at a fabulous thrift store near me. The jeans are just my lovey-dovey Madewell’s that I thrifted from Beacon’s Closet in Park Slope. The boots are brand new from Target. Funny story about them, actually– I was in the city all day on Black Friday, shopping and whatnot at fabulous stores like Topshop and LF, but I didn’t end up actually buying anything. I got home and my sister, my mom, and I decided to take a trip to 5 Below/Walmart/Target so my sister could search for gifts for the kids she stayed with in Montreal a few weekends ago. At Target I ended up buying these boots, a pair of Ked-ish black sneakers, and a new flannel. Oh, and a beautiful scarf! It was a very successful trip.

Now, the story behind this amazing, massive, beautifully warm circle scarf from Topshop— the whole aim of my trip into the city on Friday was to meet up with dearest Hannah and Haley, my best friends from my summer at the Fashion Institute of Technology. At Topshop, Hannah received this scarf as a complimentary gift to her purchase, but because she would be heading home to Miami, she lent it to me until her next visit! Make sure to check out her blog as well!

That’s all for now… hopefully more outfit & circle scarf posts to come! (photos by Georgia)


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