100 (As if!)

The one hundredth post! I can’t believe it. I’m going to touch on a bunch of different things in this post, but please bear with me! I’m going to try and make it as awesome as possible.


Why, yes, it’s a Clueless shirt! It’s got Cher, Dionne, and Tai modelling their best outfits from the movie on the Horowitz staircase!. And if you look closely, you’ll see Alicia’s wearing the red Alaia dress she wears to the Valley. So classic. You can get it here for $38!

Next on the list: ZINES! The highlight of my week last week was most definitely receiving my copy of the zine Pamflet in the mail! It was worth every penny, let me tell you. Between the Vogue satire and the sharpie-written note from the editors on leopard print paper, it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. Unfortunately the most recent issue, XI, is the last print issue for a while, but my advice is to order it now and keep it forever! I can’t wait to spend hours and hours of my future re-reading it. I would post pictures but I think zines are kind of sacred.  I love zines in general just because they feel so homey and are always honest and unafraid to be opinionated. I’ve only encountered feminist/riotgrrl-esque ones so far, but they’ve been fantastic! I’m working on starting one with my friends, because as fun as the magazine is, zines are just way cool and I’d love to try making one.

Speaking of which, my magazine, TAP, is now available for sale on Magcloud! Magcloud is a web-based magazine marketplace. It’s really rad. You should check it out, and pick up a copy of TAP while you’re there! You can find TAP on Magcloud here. The November cover:

And now, a random piece of artwork that I want for Christmas: this super duper crazy awesome buffalo print. If you’re considering getting it for me, check out the artist on Etsy. When I was in first grade a wrote a book about buffaloes and I’ve loved them ever since. When I was in California visiting my aunt and cousin, they took me to see a buffalo on a farm. It was the craziest thing. Buffaloes are pretty chill and awesome. Right now in my art class I’m working on printed ink paintings of a buffalo. I’ll be sure to post them at some point!

Bison gocco print

Finally, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be heading back to the Fashion Institute of Technology for pre-college typography classes in the spring! That should be really fun. I never really posted about my summer at F.I.T., so to clear the air: it was amazing and I learned alot. I made a bunch of really great friends who I still see regularly, including fellow blogger Hannah!

So. This was number 100. Here’s to 100 more!

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