Talking Styling with Carmen Adriana

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing stylist Carmen Adriana, who did a presentation in my Merchandising class at F.I.T. over the summer. Here is an excerpt of the interview. The full interview will be featured in the January issue of TAP Magazine.

GG: What are common misconceptions about the world of styling that you’ve encountered?

CA: I think that people think it’s a very glamorous job, and that we just kind of stand around and help people pick a dress and tell them how they should look; that’s truly, truly not the case. It’s a lot of hard work. It’s also very physical; unless you have pretty big budget and you can pay a couple of assistants to do hard labor for you, it’s basically going to the store, shopping, picking [things up]; I can’t even tell you how much clothes you have to have on duty for just one outfit. So that’s probably the most common misconception, that people just think that stylists go around and shop for things, and it’s la dee da, and have fun. I mean it is fun, at the end of the day it’s a really awesome job, but it’s really hard work. You have to take a lot of nonsense from a lot of different people. You have to make a lot of people happy. Sometimes the toughest person to make happy is the client.

GG: On that note, do you prefer to style for personal wardrobe consulting, editorials, ad campaigns, you do work for a TV show; what’s your preference?

CA: My favorite jobs are the creative jobs. I really love to do the costume designing on projects, and styling characters. Those are really my favorite jobs because I get to be really creative. Doing “real people” is really fun because you get to kind of improve their lives at the end of the day, because you’ve made them look good, and looking good is feeling good. But if I had my choice, to do it every single day, it would be more creative. I’m just much more happy in a creative environment. Personally I think most fashion people are creative people. The personal styling and the television and running closets for real people, that’s a close second. That’s still a lot of fun.

GG: Do you have any advice for aspiring stylists about getting started or following their own aesthetic?

CA: I would say be prepared to work extra hard, and don’t be afraid to speak up when it’s appropriate.


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