Best Online Vintage Shopping

As a huge fan of everything vintage & thrifted, I thought I’d do a post on my favorite vintage shopping websites!



Modcloth is both vintage & new, but their vintage selection is great and always unique. They have everything from ’60s sun dresses to ’90s sweaters. Definitely worth a visit!

Vintage Sincerely Dress



Run by Rumi Neely of fashiontoast, shoptoast is a great mix of 2-3 season old designer pieces and genuine items from many decades ago. Though more on the pricey side at times, it’s a good choice if you’re willing to spend $100-$200 on hardly worn designer vintage!


Urban Outfitters

We all know Urban Outfitters for their notorious hipster flare, but their vintage shop is something to really get excited about. They carry one-of-a-kind vintage from across the decades at not too steep a price.


Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is also a new/vintage mix, the entire selection of which is fashion forward and style savvy. The vintage selection includes everything from ’70s caftans to Nancy-Drew-esque pumps.

Enjoy your online shopping! Don’t spend it all in one place!

Images via Modcloth, shoptoast, Urban Outfitters, and Nasty Gal.


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