making a scene




Mariacarla Boscono and Natasha Poly shot by Willy Vanderperre for W’s March 2011 issue. In. Love.


be loud, let your colors show!

Today I wore my Easel tie-dye vest (gifted), H&M tee, Forever 21 tank, Gap jeans, and Minnetonka moccasins. I don’t have much to say about this outfit other than it was very summer & camp inspired. I kind of regretted wearing short sleeves (it was cold today, gah) but I dealt with it. This shirt kind of comes out as a crop-top sometimes, so in an effort to not flash my tummy to everyone I stuck on these semi-high-waisted jeans and the tank top, which I put under/over/with basically everything. Best $16 every spent.

Photos by Georgia, as usual.

Have I mentioned that Woodstock (and Jimi) inspire everything I do? Greeeeat.

hipster/flannel friday

So today was Hipster/Flannel Friday, although it was mostly Flannel Friday. Flannel Friday is much more official and much more fun, while Hipster Friday just means you have to try really, really hard to be as artsy and anti-mainstream-anything as possible. Today’s outfit was an attempt to do both, while also making Flannel Friday more interesting than just flannel and jeans. I wore a Victoria’s Secret (I know, I know) flannel, Heritage 1981 tee, Target skirt, DKNY ripped tights (hipster-ness part 1), random socks that I pulled up all throughout the day to maintain the look I was going for (hipster-ness part two), and of course my trusty Target boots. (Disclaimer: I promise I own other shoes, it just happens that these go with everything and keep me warm and don’t get ruined by snow.)

Also, tonight I’m going with friends to a Battle of the Bands thing. My friend’s band is playing so we’re going to support her and just generally dance a lot. I’ll take pictures and get ’em up here at some point! I thought this outfit was appropriately complementary to the 90s grunge feel any mention of a Battle of the Bands has. You know, with the flannel and ripped tights and boots that were made for stomping and whatnot.

(Georgia tried to get me to recreate a moment of happiness in which I went to get Girl Scout cookies. It didn’t work.)

sweater skirt part two!

This is the other Urban Renewal grandpa-sweater-skirt that I got with Hannah. I wore it with a Proenza Schouler for Target cardigan, Forever 21 tee, DKNY tights and Target boots. I love this skirt because not only does it look like a Navajo blanket, but it also seems like something Veronica would wear on that crazy ski trip she and Betty went on once. Because, ya know, it’s so incredibly impractical in general, just like her!

da village

More outfit pictures from my adventures with Hannah in Greenwich Village. By the way, these were taken in front of Tiles for America at Mulry Square. It was super awesome and basically this a fence covered in America themed tiles. I believe it was started in memory of 9/11. Anyway, Hannah and I saw it and had a super blogging-inspired moment and decided to take photos. Specifically, these photos. Gettin’ cosmic.

high line

This weekend was crazy amazing, mostly because I got to see my best friend from F.I.T. and fellow blogger Hannah. We had a bunch of crazy adventures running around the city. We met up on the High Line then headed uptown for dinner at Kellari, which was basically the best Greek food I’ve ever had ever. The next day we had “very French” breakfasts at AQ Kafé (café au lait = total obsession) and went to Greenwich Village for flea market-ing! We then walked up to Union Square, taking street style photos along the way, and did some shopping in Urban Outfitters.

In the first photo I’m wearing a random leotard from 6th grade (leotards = other new obsession), Marc by Marc Jacobs vest-thing found at the Barney’s sale a few years ago, vintage army shorts from WWII, DKNY tights, Target boots. In the second photo I’m wearing a Solemio sweater with the same shorts, tights, and boots. (More photos of the 2nd outfit to come!)