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“Vie Privee”

Styled by Emmanuelle Alt for Vogue Paris February 2002. I love this whole editorial, mostly because I’m in love with both Emmanuelle and Terry Richardson, who shot it. I especially love the grain of these photos and how 90s it feels even though it’s really not. They remind me of early Carrie Bradshaw. I love it.

je vois la vie en rose

Galleries Lafayette a.k.a. DEPARTMENT STORE HEAVEN. I died.

Sacre Coeur. This picture was illegal. Y’all better appreciate it.

Champs-Elysees. Fashion heaven part two.

The gardens at Versailles. Were gorgeous. That is all.

Ohhhhai that’s me. Target scarf, Gap shirt, Zara pants (literally perfection), thrifted shoes.

That’s me! That’s Georgia! At the Eiffel Tower! Gifted scarf, Danskin leo, Zara pants.

The view of Notre Dame from a boat tour on the Seine. Beauty everywhere.

Kitteh status in Normandy.

Giving face in Normandy. H&M sweater, Madewell jeans, random-Parisian-shoe-store brogues.

Pictures by me. Pictures of me by Georgia. Pictures of Georgia and I by my mom.

we don’t even belong to each other.

So. This is my new United Colors of Benetton trench which I’m in LOVE with. It’s actually from the kids’ line, so it’s in the biggest size they make for kids but whatever. I’m in love with it (ooops did I say that already?). I found it on our last day in Paris by a stroke of luck. I had been searching for one just like it (wrinkly, light, ruffles if possible) with no success and then BAM there it was. Craze-amaze. I may be flattering it quite a bit here, but it reminds me of Holly Golightly’s infamous trench, which would explain the title of this post. Don’t know the one I’m referring to? WE CAN’T BE FRIENDS ANYMORE. Just kidding (kinda). Here are some pictures:

Aaaand the rest of today’s outfit. Easel vest, Danskin leotard, H&M tank dress (another last-day-in-Paris-miracle, just-what-I-was-looking-for piece that was also a STEAL at 7 euros), Pashmina, socks stolen from my dad’s sock drawer, and Target boots. Today in Bio we presented projects and got extra credit for dressing up… so this is what happened. I was going to wear my carpet bag blazer from Paris (it’ll make it’s way onto here eventually, it’s amazing) but I was too lazy. So I wore this and it was somehow considered dressing up. So. Go me?

Cat was obviously the best part of the movie. Besides, you know, the whole movie.

salut from paris!

Today was our third day in Paris, which is why there hasn’t been (and won’t be) too much posting for a while. We’re here through next Sunday. Today we went to the Louvre and stumbled upon a bunch of really cool vintage shops. More pictures to come!