don’t want to hear about it, every single one’s got a story to tell

 What I wore today: Gap t-shirt, Funk & Standard top, Sevens jeans, Keds, and vintage bag from Paris. Experimenting with stripes on stripes. The striped/lace shirt is one of those things that you buy, never wear because you don’t know what to wear it with, and then realize how to wear it a year later! So. I figured out how to wear this a few weeks ago (by layering).

Photos by Georgia.




Yeeeeah my birthday was on Friday! The 13th. Consequently, it was pretty much the worst day of my life not actually that bad in retrospect. There was a lot of stress goin’ around but it’s sort of resolved now. I wore a Forever 21 tank & sweater, American Apparel bra that I’m OBSESSED with (the whole point of the outfit was being able to wear the bra, it’s fine), vintage WWII army shorts à la my generous friend Colin, and shoes from Paris. After school we had a coffeehouse at my school, then my family took me to see Bridesmaids which was GENIUS and crazy amazing. Then we ate cake & opened presents at 1 a.m., when it wasn’t even my birthday anymore. I got a buttload of coffee table books that I’m in love with, a Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf that I’m even more in love with, the new Fleet Foxes album, a book of poems by Maya Angelou, and lots of other awesome stuff that I’m super grateful for. As for a party, I had a bunch of friends over for tea on Sunday. Pictures from that to follow!

Gigglin’ and showin’ my bra. NBD.


Dinosaur faces with my momma.

Mamasita part two!

Pictures by Georgia.

rag & bone’s newest art project!

Rag & Bone is becoming almost as notorious for their art as they are for their grungy, cutting-edge designs. In addition to the ongoing Houston Street mural project, there are five large-scale canvases inside the store! Here, David and Marcus commissioned recent Parson’s grad Lana Chun  to illustrate looks inspired by their SS11 collection. The video beautifully documents Lana working on the sketches.

Lana Chun for Rag & Bone Sp/Su 2011 from Fred Lee on Vimeo.

may the fourth be with you.

SO MANY EXCITING THINGS TODAY! First, it’s Audrey Hepburn’s birthday. Not only is she one of the most widely acclaimed actresses and fashion icons of all time, but she’s also one of my personal Top 10 People Ever. So, here’s a bit of an homage to her:

Holly: I’ll tell you one thing, Fred, darling… I’d marry you for your money in a minute. Would you marry me for my money?
Paul: In a minute.
Holly: I guess it’s pretty lucky neither of us is rich, huh?
Paul: Yeah.

Ohhai. That’s me. Pretending to be Holly Golightly.

Also, as if you didn’t know and didn’t figure it out from the title, today is NATIONAL STAR WARS DAY. (Yes, I’m in love with Star Wars. And yes, I’m a Jedi descendent of Princess Leia.)

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