Yeeeeah my birthday was on Friday! The 13th. Consequently, it was pretty much the worst day of my life not actually that bad in retrospect. There was a lot of stress goin’ around but it’s sort of resolved now. I wore a Forever 21 tank & sweater, American Apparel bra that I’m OBSESSED with (the whole point of the outfit was being able to wear the bra, it’s fine), vintage WWII army shorts à la my generous friend Colin, and shoes from Paris. After school we had a coffeehouse at my school, then my family took me to see Bridesmaids which was GENIUS and crazy amazing. Then we ate cake & opened presents at 1 a.m., when it wasn’t even my birthday anymore. I got a buttload of coffee table books that I’m in love with, a Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf that I’m even more in love with, the new Fleet Foxes album, a book of poems by Maya Angelou, and lots of other awesome stuff that I’m super grateful for. As for a party, I had a bunch of friends over for tea on Sunday. Pictures from that to follow!

Gigglin’ and showin’ my bra. NBD.


Dinosaur faces with my momma.

Mamasita part two!

Pictures by Georgia.

3 thoughts on “birfday

  1. That’s such a cute bra! Wow, those birthday presents sound SO AWESOME! I love coffee table books and Marc Jacobs :). Happy belated birthday!
    – Laura

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