NYFW Day 1!


Between the snow and the hail and the rain, yesterday was nothing short of dramatic at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center! I spent my day at CZAR by Cesar Galindo, Sally Lapointe, Monika Chiang, and Rebecca Minkoff in addition to seeing two of my best friends and fellow bloggers, Hannah and Ryan. Here’s a selfie I took before heading into the city for my shows:


CZAR was my first show. It felt a bit all over the place to me, but there were definitely some stand-out looks that I loved. My favorites were the two over-sized sweater looks (of course). I wish that Cesar could have expedited his original concepts similar to these instead of presenting a collection that felt like it had been done before.

Next was Sally Lapointe, which was probably my favorite show of the day. The program was prefaced by lyrics from the song “In Your Room” by Depeche Mode:

In your room

Where time stands still

Or moves at your will

Will you let the morning come soon

Or will you leave me lying here

In your favourite darkness

Your favourite half light

Your favourite consciousness

Your favourite slave.

But before I get to the relevance of the lyrics, it’s necessary to comment on the venue. I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical about attending a show at Pier 57. But upon entering the space, I was overwhelmed in the best way possible:


Spaceship? Maybe. Space heaters? The audience wishes–it was COLD. But so worth it. Lapointe took a 90s song and a futuristic setting and consequently gave the perfect preamble to her collection, which mirrored the atmosphere. It was largely futuristic with some obvious 90s references thrown in. I think what really impressed me were the details–she showed a mastery of everything from ombre to applique (just to name a few), which are not easy to fit into a collection, produce well, and fit together. Here are some of my favorite looks:

From Sally I went to the Monika Chiang presentation back at the tents. I liked the overall experience and was grateful to have attended, though I wish I could’ve spent more time (I had to run to Minkoff with Hannah and Ryan.) This was my third show of the day with the 90s-oversized-sweater influence! Maybe this is my “spirit-season!” Monika also had some cool Victorian influence, which I’d love to see more of in a following collection. Here are some of my favorite looks:

I finished off the day with the Rebecca Minkoff show, where I sat with Hannah and Ryan. I actually found myself slightly disappointed with the collection. There was a recurring green color that seemed off for Minkoff’s usually upbeat and modern color history, and the collection as a whole just didn’t feel cohesive to me. However, I have total faith that she’ll bring her best collection yet next season. After all, she DID just have her first baby and the fact that she even produced a collection this season is admirable. The collection did feel very spring-y for a fall collection, though this was somewhat compensated for with the gorgeous coats. And of course, there was 90s–and big sweater–influence Here are my favorites:

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back on Sunday with updates. Stay warm!

Photos courtesy of Fashion GPS and Style.com


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