NYFW Day 2


This Sunday was my 2nd day at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  I was very fortunate to attend the Custo Barcelona, Joanna Mastroianni, and Vivienne Tam shows! I also spent some time with my cousin Catherine, who is a writer for People.


My first show of the day was Custo Barcelona. Immediately upon walking in the vibe was to die for. The collection presented a really interesting dynamic of 70s femininity (Penny Lane was ALL OVER this) and more modern androgyny. I love both of these concepts alone, but together, though totally unexpected, the combination was incredible. Oh, and did I mention the colors? The colors could melt in your mouth. Earthy jewel tones reminiscent of 1800s gypsy caravans. There were some looks that I didn’t love, but over all I thought the collection was very well crafted and conceived. Here are my favorite looks:

Next was Joanna Mastroianni! Before I discuss the collection, let’s talk about Iris…


Looking fabulous as ever, I spotted Iris Apfel and couldn’t help but introduce myself. If you’re unfamiliar with her, please Google her–whether it’s a Wikipedia page or otherwise, reading about her amazing life is, well, amazing. I’m so grateful to have met her. Plus, we have matching glasses.

And now, the collection. Ms. Mastroianni did what she does best–red-carpet couture. I could easily see young starlets like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift rocking the more flashy pieces. Personally, I most enjoyed the leather and lace combos. I can’t resist a good dominatrix collection, and parts of this collection definitely alluded to a more edgy aesthetic. She also demonstrated a total mastery of sheer fabric, which seemed to manifest as a trend last season, but following this show could definitely make a comeback. Here are some of my favorite looks:

Next was Vivienne Tam. I have to say, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the experience as a whole. Ms. Tam’s collection was an impeccably crafted commentary on modern society and how we interact globally, technologically, and personally. I think the clothes speak for themselves, so here they are (or, my favorites, at least):

Thanks for reading!


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