CELESTE and an announcement!


Dear {tap} readers,

After 23 issues and over 3 years, I would like to announce the release of our latest issue, CELESTE, and an upcoming change regarding our publishing schedule. I would like to begin by saying that I am beyond grateful for the opportunities {tap} and its contributors have brought me and that the forthcoming change is no way a negative reflection of my dedication to this publication.

Beginning with Issue 24, to be released in October, {tap} will be following a quarterly schedule, with issues to correspond with each of the four seasons. The purpose of this change is to provide readers with a wider diversity of content and more thoughtful editorial decisions. This change is in part necessary due to my inability to give the magazine the attention it needs to maintain bimonthly publishing. On this note, {tap} may return to a bimonthly or even monthly schedule in the future, though this is not definite. Additionally, {tap} will now be accepting applications for various editorial positions to ensure that our less frequent publishing is a solely positive change for the magazine.

Planning for Issue 24 has already begun, and the theme will be announced shortly so that our contributors can begin preparing as well! In the meantime, please enjoy CELESTE. Thank you again to every reader (all 1300 of you!) for sharing the {tap} experience. I look forward to many years to come with the growing {tap} family.


Geneva Gleason