that awkward moment when you haven’t posted in almost a month.

Yeeeeeah about that. I’m now officially done with freshman year which is weird and crazy and extremely overwhelming. I start my internship with stylists Carmen Adriana and Ariel Lawrence on Monday, just a few days before the July/August issue of {tap}, “Liberty”, is set to come out. On that note… never before has there been a better time to contribute to {tap}! I’m looking for self style photos of everyone ever for the upcoming issue.¬†Click through for the Facebook event or email for more info.

Now that I’m done talking about myself, here’s an inspiration post. Once Hannah¬†gets home/to New York from Israel, there will be a lot more outfit posts and possibly a collaboration project between us two. Enjoy!


untitled by victoria alden on Flickr.


(by margaret durow)

All photos regurgitated from mah tumbl.